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欧美spanked boys Welcome

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You get spanked comin up in my shit I run this My shit pop like them white boys on MTV Your shit sound weak when it''s played after me There is no competition I''m the number 1 al...


[SACD/ISO/FLAC][Punk] Pretenders-Pretenders {3 discs} 1980/1981...

When our boys come home from France, we hagsflung out. (When our boys come home... 即两个语素被糅合在一起 spaddled(spanked/ paddled)转移(shift)即某个言语成分转移到...

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02 - Bad Boys Get Spanked 03 - Message of Love 04 - I Go To Sleep 05 - Birds of Paradise 06 - Talk Of The Town 07 - Pack I...


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